Are you satisfied with your size?

Several medical studies found out that more than 90 percent of men are not satisfied with the size of their junk. What does this mean, where does this come from?

mens30076736Well, there are also studies conducted before over years that regulate the size of what is considered a normal size of the penis. These studies show us that a regular size of penis would be around  6.2 inches anything below this is considered small, and to make things ever worse there is a term for penis of that size: micropenis. Find more on

Now guys that find out they in fact have micropenis tend to create a negativity that only prolongs the effects of this kind of information. The only solution that is safe and doesn’t expose them is searching online.

Now information that can be found online isn’t always the right one. But if you try to Google “male enhancement products” you may find plenty of answers that will fix your problem. Let’s talk about these products found online.

Are they safe?

dickenlargementdrugs-1280x540Pumps used for penis enlargement are totally safe to use, they come with instructions and guarantee effectiveness. The only catch is that daily exercise must be maintained. Expanding the penile muscles is to be done 6 days a week in order to work. Skipping even one day is not recommended for it may cause the arteries in the penis to start shrinking going back to the previous state. The whole idea is to expand them and the muscles surrounding them in order for more blood to circulate. This will contribute to enlarging your manhood’s size and the best thing is that visible progress is achievable in matter of weeks.

Skipping the surgeries that cost a large amount of money and will stop you from sexually performing for 48 days(the time required for tissue to regenerate and scars to heal) we come to another great way to grow a couple of inches.The Best Type of Penis Enlargement Extender

Pills that are highly effective and don’t require a routine, can also be found online, and ordered for about 100$ per case. It is amazing how fast they work, in only 30 days you will find that your junk has grown from 1- 1.5 inches(2.5 cm to  approximately 4 cm). And all you have to do is to take a pill or two per day, depending on the potency of the pills that you choose. The potency, of course, is linked to the price where pills that are 100$, and contain about 60 pieces, work as a one pill per day prescription, and cheaper ones require 2 pills per day to work. After only 3 months of using these pills you will permanently gain a couple of inches, up to 4 inches to be precise. They are not addictive and don’t have any side effects that are harmful to human body. The only thing these magic pills provide is better sex life with enlarged penis. Many people chose pills for these reasons, safe to use, highly effective and guarantee to change your life!

Author: Joel Gibson

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